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corporate sponsorship consulting
for business sponsors + for non-profit groups


for business clients

for non-profit clients

Sponsorship is a cost-effective relationship-building tool, if done properly. 


As a strategic matchmaker, ABP guides corporate clients on how to leverage sponsorship dollars as a profitable part of the business plan. 

we help sponsors:

  • Grow their brand using the arts

  • Build "clients under management", not "assets under management"

  • Maximize the "buy" with and without cash

  • Align philanthropic dollars against marketing objectives

  • Create selection and evaluation modules to measure against objectives

  • Identify strategic board placements and speaking opportunities

  • Create what money can not buy

ABP is a “fundraising therapist”. We coach non-profits on how to navigate corporate funding in order to secure a business sponsor.

Worked in and with non-profits providing the sensitivity needed to create successful partnerships. 

we help non-profits:

  • Create effective sponsorship packages (Fact Sheets, ‘menu' of sponsorship opportunities)

  • Sell tangible and intangible benefits.

  • Develop strategies to "get in the door"

  • Improve how to sell, negotiate and close deals

  • Think like a sponsor

  • Evaluate sponsorship effectiveness from the business perspective

what makes us unique

Former funder:

  • Unique insider perspective.

  • Read thousands of proposals, managed millions of donor dollars, and understands the sponsor mindset

  • Enables clients to create more effective partnerships that benefit both parties.

Breadth & Experience:

Wholesale and retail within private banking space, worked on all levels:

  • Global

  • National

  • Local


"Relationship marketing is key to building a customer base. With her global contacts and marketing savvy, Alice builds relationships that money can’t buy."

— Managing Director

Deutsche Bank Asset Management

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