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corporate sponsorship workshops
for non-profits

We offer workshops to non-profit groups, offering abundant tips, tools and strategies to successfully secure a corporate sponsor. Worksheets include how to create a fact sheet, menu of sponsorship opportunities, evaluation report and identify tangible and intangible benefits.

learn how to:

  • Align your needs with sponsor objectives

  • Think more strategically

  • Navigate the corporate mind-set

  • Present yourself as "right for business"

  • Package an effective case for support

  • Sell benefits

  • Negotiate smarter

  • Avoid mistakes once you have the money​



  • Philanthropy vs. Sponsorship

  • Cash vs. In-kind donations

  • Tangible vs. intangible benefits

  • Identifying sponsor goals

  • How to get in the door

  • Tips to a successful meeting

  • How to write more effectively:

    • Fact Sheet

    • Sponsorship Menu

    • Benefits

    • Final Report

  • How to choose the "right" sponsor

  • Evaluation techniques


  • 3-hour "best practices" presentation

  • 3-hour session to create your own sponsorship package

  • One full or two half-days


questions to ask:


  • Who are your logical prospects? Why?

  • Who are current business vendors?

  • What are your tangible and intangible benefits?

who should attend?

  • Development, Marketing, Administrative and Executive Directors from small, medium or large institutions

  • New-to-the-field or seasoned professionals

  • Volunteers or members of Board of Directors


"Thumbs up – Alice has the teaching but more importantly the in-the-trenches hands-on experience."


— Chief Operating Officer

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

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