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Advising For Collectors

Advising Services

Working closely with both new and more seasoned collectors, we provide personalized advising services, catered to each client’s specific needs.  We have worked with over 40 galleries and placed over 200 photographs (vintage to contemporary) in private collections. We offer unbiased advice with an educated yet neutral eye. We do not represent any galleries, photographers or the interests of any outside party. We focus solely on the client’s best interest.

We offer:

  • The inside perspective of a pioneer collector with 35+ years of collecting experience and sustained long term relationships across the field – from curators, to gallery dealers, auction specialists to writers.

  • Development of an acquisition strategy, no matter the budget. 

  • Acquisition due diligence. We research, negotiate and correspond with galleries on the client’s behalf. We provide meticulous vetting of both primary and secondary market images including provenance, date and condition.

  • Ancillary guidance. We offer recommendations on insurance, inventory management, framing and installation as well as on site assistance on hanging collections from apartments to vacation homes to corporate office spaces.

  • Personalized gallery and auction house visits to meet with dealers / auction specialists and to look at images up-close.

Contact us for more information.

Selection of Photographs Placed

Select Galleries We’ve Worked With

Atlas Gallery

Bruce Silverstein Gallery      

Clamp Art   

DC Moore Gallery

Deborah Bell Photographs

Edwynn Houk Gallery

Fahey/Klein Gallery

Peter Fetterman Gallery

Flowers Gallery

Galerie Sit Down

Gitterman Gallery

Hertzmann Gallery

Holden Luntz Gallery

Howard Greenberg Gallery

In Camera

James Hyman Gallery

Johannes Faber

Jorg Maass Kunsthandel

Julie Saul Projects

Keith De Lellis Gallery

Kicken Berlin

Kopeikin Gallery

Laurence Miller Gallery

London, UK

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica, CA

New York, NY

Paris, France

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Palm Beach, FL

New York, NY

Paris, France

London, UK

Vienna, Austria

Berlin, Germany

New York, NY

New York, NY

Berlin, Germany

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Lee Gallery

Les Douches la Galerie

Lumiere des Roses

Magnum Paris

Magnum London

Marvelli Fine Arts Inc.

Michael Hoppen Gallery

Nailya Alexander Gallery

Pace Gallery

Paul Hertzmann Inc.

Peter Fetterman Gallery

Robert Klein Gallery

Robert Mann Gallery

Sam Shaw Archives

Scheiddeger Archive 


Staley Wise Gallery

Steven Kasher Gallery

Throckmorton Fine Art

Vasari Gallery

Vintage Works

Yancey Richardson Gallery

Winchester, MA

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

London, UK

New York, NY

London, UK

New York, NY

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Boston, MA

New York, NY

New York, NY

Zurich, Switzerlad

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chalfont, PA

New York, NY

Select Photographs We’ve Placed

Berenice Abbott

Cecil Beaton

Jean-Francois Bautet

Wilfried Roloff Beny

Lucienne Bloch


Bill Brandt


Josef Breitenbach

Sebastian Bremmer

Rene Burri

Robert Capa

Roger Catherineau

Lisetta Carmi

Henri Cartier Bresson

Sarah Charlesworth

Tseng Kwon Chi

Eric Chlomovitch

Ed Clark

Bruce Davidson

Robert Doisneau

Eliot Elisofon

Larry Fink 

Allen Frame        

Robert Frank

Daniel Frasnay



Flor Garduno

Philippe Halsman

John Hatlem

Cig Harvey

Florence Henri

Evelyn Hofer


Frank Horvat

Etienne Hubert     

Graciela Iturbide

Bill Jacobson

Simpson Kalisher

Richard Kalvar

Nadav Kander

Yousuf Karsh

Peter Keetman

William Klein

Germaine Krull

Jerome Leibling

Annie Leibovitz

Saul Leiter

Leon Levinstein

Alexander Liberman

Herbert List

Jan Lukas

Rene Magritte

Vivian Maier

Mayotte Magnus

Daniel Masclet

Herbert Matter

Willy Maywald

James McMahon

Joel Meyerowitz

Duane Michals

Jeffrey Milstein

Lucia Moholy

Inge Morath

Abelardo Morell

Zanele Muholi

Nickolas Muray

Nick Murray

Arnold Newman

André Ostier

Manuel Pena

Irving Penn

Bob Peterson

Dulce Pinzon

Edward Quinn

Nandita Raman  

Man Ray    

Marc Riboud

Ione Robinson

Josef Ruzicka

Pentti Sammallahti

August Sander

Steve Schapiro

Ernst Scheidegger

Xanti Schwainsky

Michel Seuphor

Sam Shaw   

Toshio Shibata

Malick Sidibe  

Michel Sima    

Henry Holmes Smith

Michael Smoliansky     

Trine Sondergaard

Stanley Stanley

Paul Strand

Liselotte Strelow

Christer Stromholm        

Arne Svenson  

Rolf Tietgens           

Alexey Titarenko

Alfredo Valente

William Vandivert

Carl Van Vechten


Val Wilmer

Sabine Weiss


"Alice’s students are smart, curious and enthusiastic. She has the rare ability to advise and guide both collectors and photographers!”

— Rachel Peart

Head of Department, Photographs, Phillips London

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