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corporate sponsorship workshops
for business sponsors

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. 


We offer workshops for corporations, offering abundant tips, tools and strategies to successfully select and evaluate projects. Worksheets include how to create an objective process with template modules (criteria, project selection, evaluation) that meet business marketing objectives.

learn how to:


  • Align sponsorship to marketing objectives

  • Think more strategically/ to "buy" with success

  • Identify the "right" project against criteria

  • Create an objective process to select / evaluate projects

  • Negotiate smarter

  • Turn sponsorship dollars into a profitable part of the business plan



  • Philanthropy vs. Sponsorship

  • In-kind vs. cash donations

  • Creating sponsorship criteria

  • Creating objective modules:

    • Criteria

    • Project Selection

    • Measurement

    • Evaluation

  • How to avoid mistakes once money is committed



  • 3-hour "best practices" presentation

  • 3-hour personalized session to create your own modules:

    • Criteria

    • Project Selection

    • Measurement

    • Evaluation

  • One full or two half-days

questions to ask:

  • Why do you want to sponsor (objective)?

  • What are the key criteria for the right project?

  • What are the top three benefits you want to receive? Why?


who should attend?

  • Philanthropy, Marketing, Administrative, Senior Staff

  • New-to-the-field or seasoned professionals

  • Employees who are Volunteers or sit on the Board at non-profit institutions


"Relationship marketing is key to building a customer base. With her global contacts and marketing savvy, Alice builds relationships that money can’t buy."

— Managing Director

Deutsche Bank Asset Management

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