Why Clients Hire Us

We Help Corporate Clients:

  • Build brand using the arts
  • Build “clients under management”, not “assets under management”
  • Maximize the “buy” with and without cash
  • Align philanthropic dollars to marketing objectives
  • Create selection models to optimize sponsorship to meet objectives
  • Evaluate sponsorship effectiveness

We Help NonProfit Clients:

  • Identify programs to sell
  • Create tangible and intangible benefits
  • Better package corporate materials
  • Create strategies to meet prospects / get in the door
  • Improve your ability to effectively sell, negotiate and close deals
  • Think like a sponsor

We Help Collectors

  • Gain confidence
  • Understand inner workings of the photography marketplace

… And collectors trust a fellow collector that is well respected, knows the field, and wants to share tips to make smart choices !

We Help Photographers

  • Better understand the commercial fine art marketplace
  • Use nonprofit resources as a ‘pipeline’ to getting their work into the marketplace
  • Better understand how collectors buy and build their collections
  • Better articulate with collectors, galleries and the overall marketplace
  • Produce effective communication tools (artist’s statement, business cards, websites and overall case for support when seeking grants).