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One for Collectors and One for Photographers!

*Dates to be Announced

Dos and Don’ts of Collecting Photography (first week of May)

Back with more collecting tips and gallery visits, this popular workshop now goes virtual !
Learn how to navigate the marketplace whether you are a casual purchaser, have started a collection, or a photographer seeking to better understand the market. This two-day virtual workshop will help kick start (or reinforce) your photography collection and increase your confidence to make informed decisions.
Day #1 is organized in two-hour increments throughout the day, as the instructor leads discussions assisted by a PowerPoint presentation on the fine art photography marketplace. Topics include: what it means to be a collector, typical collector concerns, navigating the marketplace, what questions to ask before closing the deal, pricing, editions, and tons of insider tips whether buying from a gallery, art fair or auction! We’ll also offer invaluable housekeeping advice including how to inventory, insure and appraise along with framing “best practices.” Abundant handouts provided.
Day #2 is filled with daylong virtual interviews with prominent photography dealers as they discuss what’s currently on view, today’s market and the business of running a gallery. Students are encouraged to ask questions allowing for honest and intimate conversation … including those questions you’ve always wanted ask !!
Making Work … Now What ? Getting Out into the Art World (first week of June)
Go inside the collector’s mind…remotely!
Day #1 begins with a PowerPoint presentation, organized in 2-hour segments, with student discussion and participation. We’ll go “inside the collector’s mind” to help photographers understand how collectors build collections, the questions they ask and where they shop … all to improve how to get work seen. Topics also include pricing, editioning, and the steps needed to find the right gallery including tips on what to do …. and not to do. Because how you talk about work is essential, we offer ‘best practices’ when it comes to your written and verbal communication skills. This includes how to create a strong business card and a memorable ‘elevator speech’…. skills needed whether meeting with a gallery owner or presenting at a portfolio review. Finally, we will improve your storytelling techniques and help you create ‘your brand’. Abundant handouts provided.
Day #2 drills down to each photographer’s own communication tools. Each student will take the screen for a peer critique of their business card as well as their “elevator speech” while presenting work. Why ? Because making images is not enough. How to communicate about the work is just as critical !
This workshop is for the photographer with a growing body of work who wants to get their images seen as well as improve how to communicate about them.