Photography Marketplace

Collecting anything can be daunting. The photography market is no different. It’s now exploding with more fairs, more galleries, more artists, record breaking prices, and major museum shows.

We offer 1-2-1 consulting for collectors and photographers. We also provide what others rarely do — personalized classes on how to become a smart collector and navigate the marketplace today.

We lead museum / VIP groups on behind-the-scene visits (galleries, auction previews, art fairs, artist studios); advise collectors on acquisitions; facilitate gallery sales; and coach photographers how to better communicate with collectors, galleries and the overall marketplace.

“The only thing that exceeds Alice’s passion, is her excitement to share her knowledge with others. Her informative and entertaining boot camp is as valuable for seasoned collectors as it is for first timers.”
Chief CuratorHarvard Art Museums
“This is what we need in the field - an enthusiastic collector who wants to train future collectors how to make smart choices.”
Former DirectorInternational Center of Photography
"Knowledgeable, connected, opinionated, and fun - what more could you ask for in a course leader?"
Photography CriticThe New Yorker
“What a fantastic afternoon. How amazing to be able to hold vintage Larry Fink prints in my hand!"
Ellen S.2015 ICP Collecting 101 Class