Making Work…Now What? Reality Tips to Getting Out into the Marketplace

Offered through Maine Media Workshops + College

Meets: Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (EST) via Zoom

We begin with an in-depth presentation on the marketplace and go ‘inside the collector’s mind’ to better understand where collectors shop and the issues to building a collection:  buying at auction, dealing with galleries, pricing, editioning as well as the questions collectors regularly ask. We’ll then offer tips on how to find ‘the right’ gallery along with what to do (and not do) when  approaching a dealer as well as abundant tips on how to best present your work whether at a portfolio review, meeting with a gallery or even your peers. Emphasis will be placed on how to brand yourself — what you say and what you write — ranging from your business card, website and ‘elevator speech’.. Why? Because how you write and how you speak about your work is almost as important as making it. As a group, we’ll then analyze each student’s communication tools, both written and verbal. You will be asked to share and ‘defend’ your business card as well as present a 5-10 minute ‘elevator speech’ while showing your work virtually in front of the class for peer critique.  If time allows, we will ask that you present the elements of your website as well. Abundant handouts.

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