Making Work… Now What? Online Workshop for Photographers

Making Work… Now What?

Reality Tips To Getting Out Into The Marketplace- Online

Offered through Maine Media Workshops + College
2-part virtual series
December 4 + December 11, 2021 
Saturdays (11 am – 5 pm EST)

Price: $395

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This class focuses on how to effectively communicate about your work to make it more marketable. We first go “inside the collector’s mind” to better understand where collectors shop, the questions they ask (regarding pricing, editions, condition) and how those considerations impact working photographers today. We’ll then offer advice on how to find a gallery, what not to do, and how to promote yourself. We’ll talk about the importance of online platforms, benefit auctions, and offer abundant tips on how to best present at a portfolio review. Finally, because HOW you talk about your work is almost as important as making it, we’ll teach you how to more effectively write and speak about your photographs. We’ll drill down to each photographer’s own branding materials analyzing both your written and verbal skills, to help get your images seen as well as improve your story-telling techniques. Students are expected to present their business cards, websites, and a 10-minute ‘elevator speech’ while showing work for peer critique.


“I cannot recommend Making Work, Now What? more highly. Over the course of this intensive workshop to get photographers to their next level, Alice offered insight and answered questions that are on all photographers’ minds as they close in on launching their professional practice. How to work with galleries (and which ones), how to price our work, including editioning, and how to effectively present ourselves in line with our photographic voice were effectively covered. Alice seemed to anticipate our needs and, as part of the course, offered directories of services, publications, galleries, and sales platforms that I was able to research and build into a concrete plan. It was also wonderful to have feedback from Alice, Nicole, and, notably, the other photographer-participants on market trends and on my portfolio. This workshop has not only inspired my work in new ways, it was also value for the money in that I can proceed as an emerging professional with confidence.”