Winter 2018 Two-Day Workshops

Upcoming winter workshops at ICP: One for photographers and one for collectors.  “Making Work … Now What? Getting Out into the Art World,” a two day weekend workshop January 27 – 28, 2018 geared for photographers looking to get work into the market and improve how they communicate (both written and verbal) when talking to dealers, collectors, peers and at a portfolio review. Because how you write and speak about your work is as important as making it, we also analyze your business cards and “elevator speech”. Click here to register and learn more.

“Collecting Photography: Tips, Care and Behind-the-Scene Visits,” February 2 – 3, 2018 is geared for the beginner to more seasoned collector, or the photographer looking to better understand the market. The two-day workshop includes an in-depth session on today’s photography marketplace, and guest lecturers who discuss how to insure and appraise your photographs, and how to correctly frame images. We also go behind the scenes to visit galleries, meet the dealers, and look at work up close. Click here to register and learn more.