Corporate Sponsorship – Consulting

For Business Sponsors

As a “strategic matchmaker”, we guide corporate clients to make sponsorship a profitable part of the business plan. We help create an objective process including Selection and Evaluation modules. We handle one-off events, sponsorships, board placements and speaking opportunities.

In the private banking space, we have worked with global, national and local players. Relationship marketing is the key to success. And, cultural sponsorships deliver what money cannot buy. They are also a cost-effective business-building tool that cements relationships with clients, prospects and employees.

For Non-Profit Groups

As a “fundraising therapist“, we coach non-profit clients how to navigate the world of corporate funding as well as provide strategic advice and hands-on techniques to secure a corporate sponsor. We provide the know-how to create effective Fact Sheets, Menu of Sponsorship Opportunities, Tangible and Intangible Benefits and Tips on how to get out into the marketplace.

As a former funder, Zimet has the inside perspective. Having read thousands of proposals and managed millions of donor dollars, she understands the sponsor mindset – enabling her clients to create more effective partnerships.