2-Day Collecting Photography 101 Bootcamp

2-Day Collecting Photography 101 Bootcamp

Offered through Maine Media Workshops + College

March 19 + 20 from 11:00am-6:00pm (EST)

Learn how to navigate the marketplace whether you are a casual purchaser, have started a collection, or a photographer seeking to better understand the market. This two-day virtual workshop will help kick start (or reinforce) your photography collection and increase your confidence to make informed decisions.  Abundant handouts provided.

Day #1 is organized in two-hour increments throughout the day, as we power through a PowerPoint presentation on the fine art photography marketplace.

Topics include:

  • What it means to be a collector
  • Typical collector concerns
  • Navigating the marketplace
  • Questions to ask before closing the deal
  • Pricing
  • Editions, signatures and vintage vs. later prints
  • Tips when buying from galleries, auctions and art fairs
  • Housekeeping tips including how to inventory, insure and appraise along with framing “best practices.”

Abundant handouts provided.

Day #2 is filled with daylong virtual interviews with prominent photography across the United States who discuss what’s currently on view, today’s market and the business of running a gallery. Students are encouraged to ask questions allowing for honest and intimate conversation … including those questions you’ve always wanted ask !!

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